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As a Buyer’s Agent Keller Williams Biltmore Partners i am proud to represent our clients on behave of the brokerage. Buying a home in Phoenix, Az can be a daunting task. That is why we are here to help while you purchase real estate property. Taking the time to visit homes and search the online MLS to find the best property is what sets us apart of other real estate firms. 

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Ask Friend and Family for a reference to a trusted real estate agent. Look for a realtor on linkdin or Facebook. When you meet with realtor e sure to ask them questions and state your concerns and overall expectations. Get in contact with a local realtor. Keller Williams Biltmore partners are trusted and professional. Buy a home with a pool in phoenix, az with us today and enjoy the sunny Arizona valley. Searching for homes on Zillow or redfin and ready to buy a home.

Get Qualified for a home loan Phoenix, AZ

Home loan quote for near home buyers. Call us today to get prequalified before we go look at homes on the market. By doing this it will allow for a better understanding on the types of homes for sale we can look at. Having the proper documents before qualification can help speed up the loan approval. 

How to buy a home in Phoenix, AZ

How and when to buy a home in Phoenix, AZ is a great question to as a real estate agent. Markets fluctuate with inflation and demand, so prices are constantly changing. Phoenix, Az has grown a lot over the last 50+ years. Before you put an offer down on a home for sale you may want to do an inspection of the property buy a leading professional. Foundation inspection and overall age of the house are important details to help determine our offer price on a home.

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Does it cost more to use a buyer's agent?

Clients ask does it cost more to use a buyers agent? A buyer’s agent fee can range anywhere from 2% – 6% respectively. In Arizona commissions are negotiable. That being said you pay for the agent’s expertise. Using a buyer’s agent in phoenix may increase your overall gain. A buyer’s agent comes with many benefits including increased opportunities in market trends. What is the difference between a buyer’s agent and a Realtor? They are the same.


What is a good way to find a buyers agent?

A good way to find a buyers agent is to get recommendations from friends and family members. A local real estate professional has a lot of knowledge when it comes to buying a home in phoenix az. By doing so you won’t find yourself asking Can you trust buyers agent? The answer is Yes.

How do I fire my buyers agent?

The steps to separate your relationship with a realtor will be outlined in the contract you sign. Typically, the section that has this information will be outlined in your buyer-broker exclusive employment agreement. Make sure to read all print before signing a contract to avoid any charges.

Can I fire my Realtor before closing?

It all depends on the contract. Most likely no without bringing a breach of contract. Typically, when an agent brings you a ready and willing buyer or finds you a property you wish to purchase. An agent is owed a commission based on services performed. Please make sure to read all contract details before signing a contract.

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What two things should you do before you make an offer?

Two things you should do before you make an offer on a home is Appraisal and Inspections. These are recommended and are expense you must manage. That is why it is important to have a good idea if you want the home before having to spend say $1000.00 on the two. If you ask yourself When should I use buyers agent? The answer is now!

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