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Buy or sell your house in phoenix az. Looking for a home for sale in north Phoenix Az, Zillow, Redfin or even Find your favorite home/rental/condo for sale with an AZ Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona. We take pride in our core values. Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency. We know you’ll love being a part of the family. Call us today if you’re looking for a Listing agent or a Buying agent in Phoenix, AZ. 

Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Expert Says

What's the average cost of a house in Phoenix Arizona?

The average cost of a house in Phoenix Arizona has an average sale price is $350,000+. Home prices have increased rapidly with the changes in 2020-2021 relating to covid. Alot of people from California and other states are moving to Arizona because of the great weather!


Phoenix Az is moderatly expensive to live and has a median household income of $60,000+ for family’s and $40,000+ for single people. Average rent has gone up recently at $800+ depending on the area. Arizona has several communities at are considered high end luxury real estate. Overall, Phoenix AZ has good balance of upper class, middle class and lower-class citizens. We do have homeless in Arizona.


Houses are so cheap in Phoenix in certain areas due to new home communities, investment fixer uppers, and other economic factors. The south and certain parts of the west side of phoenix tend to have cheaper homes for sale. The inner city tends to have some slums and inner-city projects.

Will the housing market crash in 2023? Homes for sale around phoenix az


Phoenix Arizona good place to live for sure. We have great weather year round with certain months being hot. October 31st – April is great weather. We also have a monsoon season that keeps our deserts alive. Phoenix Arizona also has great restaurants and fun activities to enjoy outdoors! We are more then just a hot desert.

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What state is the cheapest to buy a house?

Mississippi would be the cheapest state to buy a house with a median home price of $50,000+. Phoenix Arizona is ranked the 5th largest City in the United States and continues to grow. Now is a great time to buy a home in az.

Will AZ home prices go down?

Home prices could go down in Phoenix Arizona fluctuate with supply and demand. Phoenix Arizona recently had a real estate boom over the last 10+ years. Home prices have more than doubled in recent years.

Is Phoenix a hot real estate market?

Yes, Phoenix is a hot real estate market. Home prices have recently increased with new homes being built each day. Phoenix Arizona is growing in the technology sector with many new semiconductor companies calling in home including the new factory from intel. Find homes for sale near intel.

To sell my house in Phoenix you will want to contact a experienced real estate agent in Phoenix. If you need to sell your home in Phoenix, make sure to get an appraisal and inspection to ensure your home is ready to sell.

You have to contact me if you want updated listings. Please fill out form below and I will email you.


Absolutely, it is a good idea to move to Arizona. You should move your friends and family to Arizona. We are the Grand Canyon state and offer many different amenities. From sky diving to panning for gold. Arizona has a lot to offer. New home buyers welcome. Find a listing agent in Phoenix AZ.

Is it cheaper to live in Arizona than California?

Yes, it is cheaper to live in Arizona than California. Arizona has homes for sale starting at $300,000+ to several million-dollar mansions in Phoenix Arizona depending on the area. Gas prices tend to be cheaper in Arizona than California. Properties taxes are cheaper in Arizona then California.

Will houses get cheaper in 2022?

Houses get cheaper in 2022 but it depends on supply and demand for an area. The United States is built on a Inflationary monetary system and devalues its currency. Homes prices tend to increase when that happens. Houses in phoenix az for sale tend to move quick.

Is a housing crash coming?

A housing crash may be coming in my opinion the Phoenix Arizona housing market is due for a market correction. With an increase in supply being built and possible covid restrictions may cause demand to slow a bit from its current rate.

Why is everyone moving to Phoenix?

Everyone is moving to Phoenix Arizona because we have nice weather and have increased job opportunities. Arizona has a light rail system that connects many different communities. We are the home of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals. Many have a home listing are for sale near the stadium and offer great entertainment.

What is considered middle class in Arizona?

Middle class in Arizona is considered by owning a home and vehicle. Having assets and managed debts with a household income of $70,000+. There are many jobs in Phoenix that offer above average income. 

What is a good hourly wage in Arizona?

A good hourly wage in Arizona is $25.00+ dollars per hour. With increased rents and home prices recently the cost of living has increased in Arizona.

Is 100K a good salary in Arizona?

Yes, 100k is a good salary in Arizona. You can afford and live very comfortable with that amount of income. You can afford many styles of homes, condos and townhomes for sale in Phoenix, AZ.

Which part of Arizona is the best to live in?

Paradise Valley is the best to live in and has the highest average home value of $1,000,000+ and would be considered the High-Class part of town. Scottsdale Arizona and Chandler Arizona also rank high in-home value list for Arizona with an average home price of $450,000+ respectively. Find homes in arizona phoenix

Are house prices dropping in Phoenix?

The median home price is Phoenix, Arizona is $350,000+. Over the last 10 years prices of homes have tripled. There does seem to e a increasing supply which may cause the prices to lower. Detailed below is a table of prices sold for homes in 2021 during March including 3 bedroom 2 bath house for sale.

Sold Listings      
Price RangeMar-21Mar-20% Chg2021 YTD2020 YTD% Chg



What is a good salary in Phoenix?

For a single person a good salary in phoenix would be $80,000+. This would be more than enough to live comfortably in Phoenix, Arizona. The average household dual family income for Phoenix AZ is $100,000~.

Why are houses in Phoenix so expensive?

Houses in Phoenix are so expensive becuase Phoenix has had many real estate booms since the 1960’s. Phoenix Arizona is growing at a rapid rate and will continue to grow each year. Buying a house, condo or townhome in Phoenix Arizona can be an easy process. Find a good local realtor to help you. Houses in phoenix az for sale.

Is Phoenix running out of water?

Phoenix could be running out of water. The Colorado river have some of the most regulated waterway in the United States. Phoenix Arizona is reliant on our Dams and Lakes to provide us with fresh water. Arizona Salt River Projects or SRP for short controls and maintains our Dams and waterways. Find out more at Arizona SRP

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I have worked with Richard in the past. He is very trust worthy and a dedicated realtor. I would recommend him as my real estate agent.
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Richard has been a great help and very knowledgeable about the real estate market. We looked on Zillow and and luckily we found Richard.
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Richard has been wonderful to work with. He was eager to keep us informed and helped us with our questions. Was a pleasure to work with.

Phoenix CondoMania is real and I’m dedicated real estate professional looking to help you find your dream property in Pheonix Arizona. Looking for a home for sale with a pool? We got you covered. Phoenix Investment Properties Available with realty companies near me.

Realty companies near me

Realty companies near me that have a passion for helping people buy or sell a home in Phoenix, AZ. One reason I started a career in Real Estate is because I would be able to interact with so many different people looking to buy or sell a home with a pool, features in Phoenix, AZ. By gaining knowledge and experience in real estate allows me to help my clients make an informed decision when buying for selling a home.

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Phoenix Az Realtor

Homes in phoenix az can be luxury homes, custom homes, lake community homes, golf course homes that have many different landscapes. The average home price in phx is $350,000 currently. Finding homes in phoenix az can be easy with the right team. Thats why it is important to team up with a local realtor to find the best homes for sale in phoenix. Finding homes in Pheonix that you want to purchase?

Listing Agent, Buyers Agent, Estate Agent, Divorce Factor in Phoenix, Arizona. Call us today at 480-544-6345. Ask for Richard Sutton Russ III. Homes in arizona phoenix

Buy or Sell a House in Phoenix, AZ

Arizona House For Sale Phoenix, AZ With a Pool

A property for sale in Phoenix, AZ can be expensive. $300,000+ in many Arizona communities. There are custom homes for sale in Phoenix, Az made by some of the best home builders. Toll Brother Homes, Beaver Homes, Shea Homes and More. There are many investment properties for sale in Phoenix, Az with or without a pool.  There are great vacations homes for sale in Phoenix, AZ if you plan to move to Phoenix Arizona.

Homes For Sale near a School in Phoenix, AZ

Family is very important so finding a home for sale in Phoenix, AZ near a school is in demand. Many families call Arizona there home. You can find a home for sale near a park with a school. Finding the best house for sale near a school or university in Phoenix, AZ can be challenging. If you need to find a condo for sale in Phoenix, AZ near ASU give us a call. A house for sale near a school can be $300,000+

Houses For Sale Near a Church Phoenix, AZ

When it comes to finding a residence for sale near a church in Phoenix, AZ there are plenty. Many cultures make up Phoenix, AZ. That is why there are many different churches to choose from. You can find a property for sale in Phoenix, AZ near a church by giving us a call today. Find out how to sell my house phoenix.

How to find a realtor in Phoenix, Az

To find a realtor in phoenix az you can ask for local referrals. A good realtor with help you with appraisals and inspections. Buying or selling a home in Phoenix, AZ can get overwhelming. Find a Realtor Near you by calling us today. Find a custom home for sale. Find a house for sale near me. Sell my house phoenix.

How to find a Real Estate Agent Phoenix, AZ

To find A real estate agent phoenix, az you can as a friend or family member to refer a dedicated professional that will be able to help you buy or sell a property or land. They will be able to help ensure a proper offer letter is submitted to purchase a home. They will help you get pre-qualified for a home by showing you’re the steps needed to start the process. Help negotiate on your behalf to sell a home. 

House in Phoenix

Find a house in Phoenix to buy or sell near you. Are you planning on moving from another city to Phoenix? Do you plan to sell your home and buy a new house in phoenix? We can help you with all of that.

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Houses in Phoenix Arizona | Buy or Sell

Houses in Phoenix Arizona are in high demand. Phoenix Arizona continues to thrive as more people continue to flock here, buying homes in phoenix. Phoenix has many different builders to choose from that can fit all your needs. Selling my home in phoenix was easy a client said. I was able to sell my house for above my home appraised value thanks to a real estate agent. 

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